Des Mahoney is available for individual private golf lessons in the Oak Ridge & Knoxville TN area.  All private golf lessons are 55 minutes long and include video analysis and a video email of your lesson.

Adult Golf Sessions

  • 1 session 55 minutes $95
  • 3 sessions 3 1/2 hours $300

Junior Golf Sessions

  • 1 session $85
  • 3 sessions $240

Lessons must be completed in the calendar year.
My location is the Centennial Golf Course in Oak Ridge Tennessee. To schedule a private lesson please call (865) 919-2126 or email me at



Serious Business
This comprehensive program is designed for students looking to make a serious commitment to lowering their scores. I will develop an instruction plan, focusing on the parts of your game that will have the most significant impact on your score. I offer a money-back guarantee that I will lower your handicap within six months. Includes video analysis of full swing; chips, pitches and bunker shots; launch monitor analysis; putting analysis with PING and Blast Golf Software; yardage gap analysis using Foresight Quad, and 15 hours of private instruction. (20 hours total)

Adults: $1800.


Short Game
Three 55 minute lessons. Each lesson will focus on the different aspects of the scoring zone (chipping, pitching, sand play, and putting.) 70% of shots occur from 100 yards and in, and the quickest way to knock strokes off your score is to improve your short game.

$250 adults / $235 juniors.

Long Game
Three 55 minute lessons. Includes video analysis and range instruction. Each lesson is focused on using teaching aids, drills and instruction to fix current swing flaws and help the student attain the desired ball flight.

$250 adults / $235 juniors

Complete Game
Five 55 minute lessons. Includes video analysis in each lesson and a “before-and-after” video for each student to monitor progress. Covers every aspect of the game, including full swing, short game, and course management.

$450 adults / $400 juniors

Playing the Game
Two lessons and a playing lesson. Two lessons on your chosen topic, followed by a two hour playing lesson. I will also provide professional secrets and the finer points of course management. $250 Adults

Five 55 minute lessons, designed specifically for the junior golfer. Lessons will cover short game, full swing with video analysis, course management, etiquette, and the Rules of Golf. $400

You Tell Me
Remember, this is about you, not me. Before we meet, you know your golf game better than I do, so if there’s something specific you want to improve, tell me. I’ll help you get where you want to be with specific instruction, completely customized to fit your goal.


Individual Lesson Rates: Lessons are 55 minutes and include Video Analysis emailed to the student.

Adults $95

Juniors $85