“I became a better Division 1 college golfer after lessons with Des.”

Rachael Ingram

“My son loves golf and taking lessons from Mr Des.”

Marlena Engstrom

“Des helped me learn golf in 6 lessons so I could play golf with my husband.”

Megan Bethmann

“My swing is more compact and i am hitting more fairways.”

John Foust

“Des helped me see the 2 key points in my golf swing. Having more fun!”

Wendell Beliveau

“I have broken 80 for the first time. Thanks Des!”

Harvey Gray

“Wow – A night and day difference after my first lesson.”

Jonathan Babcock

“Des has simplified my swing thoughts and greatly increased my consistency.”

Ron Gionet

“Des helped my husband and I to really enjoy our time together on the golf course. We each know what to work on and we have improved a lot.”

Rick and Terri Roberts

“I now feel more confident on the golf course. Seeing my swing on video tape really helped me understand my golf tendencies.”

Steve Freiherr