Golf Ball on Edge of Cup

Every Putt Counts

Every Putt Counts Great putting is a combination of: A – Feel and touch B – Mechanics C – Mental toughness All great putters have a routine. I like to take 2 practice strokes and then hit the putt without any delay. All the pros will tell you that speed and distance have a higher…

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Lets Make Golf Fun Again

Lets Make Golf Fun Again A Great Formula for increasing enjoyment on the golf course is 5 iron CARRY x 36 equals your tee choice.(Example If your 5 iron travels 160 in the air your number is) 160 x 36=5700 165 x 36=5940 170 x 36=6120 175 x 36=6300 180 x 36=6480 185 x 36=6660…

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