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Des Mahoney Golf Instruction

I am the Director of Instruction at the Centennial Golf Course near Knoxville, Tennessee.It is a pleasure to help many golfers each year reach their golf goals. I am especially successful in helping people understand, correct, and own their golf swings. Each student receives a video email of their golf swing with suggestions after each lesson.I have developed my style of analysis and correction by having given over 10,000 lessons. I have been a member of the PGA of America for 26 years and I have studied under or worked for Hank Haney, Chuck Cook, David Leadbetter, Mike Hebron, and other noted PGA teaching professionals. I have also completed the PGA Advanced Certification program in golf instruction.

I have been fortunate to win 7 PGA teaching awards, including the 2022 Knoxville PGA Teacher of the Year, the 2005 Tennessee PGA Teacher of The Year, and the 1995 Hawaii PGA Teacher of The Year. I am recognized by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine as one of the more effective golf instructors in Tennessee.If you have been puzzled and frustrated with your game then I would like to earn your trust.

PGA Teacher of the Year

Scott Wilson, President Knoxville Chapter PGA, presenting the 2022 PGA Teacher and Coach award to Des Mahoney

Students' Perspectives


"Des Mahoney is a terrific golf instructor, and I cannot recommend him enough. When I initially went to Des for lessons, I was an inconsistent and frustrated golfer. Through his thoughtful approach, Des has taught me to understand the golf swing on a much deeper level. I am enjoying golf again and have made tremendous strides in every facet of my game. If you are considering lessons or a club fitting, please consider Des Mahoney. You will not be disappointed."

Jake A.


"I came to Des as an early 60’s-aged lifelong golfer, looking to improve my iron play and gain the ability to hit fairway woods - something I could never do. His approach with me was to review all aspects of my swing from stance to follow-though, simplifying it by eliminating all unnecessary movements. The results were dramatic. I am now hitting irons crisp and have regained distance that I've lost over the recent years. The big win for me is that I now frequently use my 3-wood off the turf on the course, which usually drops a stroke from the par 5s.After only 20 minutes with Des, it becomes apparent that he has been teaching golf for a long time. If he senses that you’re not picking up on something, he finds another way to explain it so that the concept gets learned. My only disappointment is that I hadn't gone to see him 20 years earlier. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about developing a great golf swing.Des is also a great club fitter. After the swing modifications, I had him fit me for a new set of PING G410s. The fitting process was comprehensive and not rushed. I feel and play like they are the right set for me."

Joe S.

Golf Lessons

I work to deliver extra yards and straighter more consistent shots to my students and that means more pars, more birdies and more fun.

Centennial Golf Course
101 Centennial Blvd
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

To schedule a lesson, contact Des:

865 919 2126

  • I use the latest technology, including split screen V1 Video Analysis and Foresight Quad Launch Monitor to communicate swing concepts and accurate data.

  • Our facilities are designed with learning in mind. We have a 2000 square foot indoor teaching facility that includes a putting green and mirrors and teaching aids and technology. Instruction takes place year round.

Adult Golf Lessons

1 lesson $95
2 lessons for $175

  • Lessons are 55 minutes and include Video Analysis emailed to the student.

  • Second lesson must be completed within 30 days.

Junior Golf Lessons

1 lesson $85
2 lessons for $155

  • Lessons are 55 minutes and include Video Analysis emailed to the student.

  • Second lesson must be completed within 30 days.

Ping Clubfitting

I am a Certified PING Clubfitter and have attended advanced PING clubfitting training at PING headquarters in Phoenix.

Ping clubfitting logo


If your clubs are the wrong length, your swing will be loose and disconnected, resulting in a loss of leverage and balance. Using video, Des will analyze your swing to ensure that you have the most optimal posture and club length to hit your best shots.


The shaft is the engine of the golf swing. Too heavy or too light results in incorrect timing and overall efficiency. Too soft or too stiff a shaft results in a loss of control and distance. PING offers 6 steel shafts and 3 graphite shafts. The correct shaft fosters an efficient golf swing sequence that allows for optimal power and balance.

Shaft Options

Dynamic Gold 105, Dynamic Gold 120, Nippon Tour 105, AWT - Ascending Weight Technology, Project X LZ, KBS Tour, Elevate, Distanza graphite and Alta graphite.


Grip size is often overlooked.
If the grip is the wrong size, the golfer loses control of the clubface, resulting in hooks and slices. PING offers 5 sizes of grips. (2 oversized, 2 undersized and standard size).
One size does not fit all! By getting this important component correct, Des will help you greatly improve your accuracy.

Lie Angle

The lie angle of a golf club is the angle that is formed between the club shaft and the ground at impact. If your lie angle is incorrect you will have accuracy issues. Using a Foresight Quad launch monitor, Des will get a perfect dynamic reading, resulting in the correct lie angle for your new clubs.

Make sure your PINGs fit you perfectly.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Trade In your old clubs. Check PGA Value Guide for values.


My students notice more consistency in their game...

“Des got me hitting it farther and greatly improved my pitch shots. My score went from 103 to 86.”
George G.
“Des is a Great Teacher. As a newcomer to golf he patiently taught me the fundamentals. Using video analysis he explained how I should best practice. 60 percent short game and 40 percent full swing. I liked that half of our lessons were spent on the golf course. His coaching programs focus on reducing my score and meeting new golfers. Thanks, Des.”
Karen B.

“Went to see Des after a fifteen year hiatus and asked for his help starting at the beginning. My first round after dusting off my clubs was 110. I am now shooting in the consistent mid 80s and headed to break 80 this summer. Des also fitted me for a new set of PING clubs. Des is a five star PGA Instructor in my book and I recommend Des to any golfer who needs help and support with his or her golfing needs. Des also has a real knack with working with youth players.”
Lance D.
“I had gone as far as I could on my own. Des has helped me achieve more power and consistency in my golf game.”
Wil C.
“I have broken 80 for the first time. Thanks Des!”
Harvey G.

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To book a lesson, please call Des at
(865) 919-2126 or email him at [email protected].