“I became a better Division 1 college golfer after lessons with Des.”

Rachael Ingram

“My son loves golf and taking lessons from Mr Des.”

Marlena Engstrom

“Des helped me learn golf in 6 lessons so I could play golf with my husband.”

Megan Bethmann

“My swing is more compact and i am hitting more fairways.”

John Foust

“Des helped me see the 2 key points in my golf swing. Having more fun!”

Wendell Beliveau

“I have broken 80 for the first time. Thanks Des!”

Harvey Gray

“Wow – A night and day difference after my first lesson.”

Jonathan Babcock

“Des has simplified my swing thoughts and greatly increased my consistency.”

Ron Gionet

“Des helped my husband and I to really enjoy our time together on the golf course. We each know what to work on and we have improved a lot.”

Rick and Terri Roberts

“I now feel more confident on the golf course. Seeing my swing on video tape really helped me understand my golf tendencies.”

Steve Freiherr

“Des helped me hit it farther and straighter. He can help people play better golf.”

Tony Wright

“Des gets me hitting the golf ball farther and straighter in each lesson.”

Dean Nardi

“Des has helped me understand the key points in my golf swing – My ball flight is more consistent.”

Steve Cunningham

“My ball striking improved a lot after just 2 lessons!”

Ken Woods

“Des is a Great Teacher. As a newcomer to golf he patiently taught me the fundamentals. Using video analysis he explained how I should best practice. 60 percent short game and 40 percent full swing. I liked that half of our lessons were spent on the golf course. His coaching programs focus on reducing my score and meeting new golfers. Thanks, Des.”

Karen B., Loudon, Tennessee

“I learned the basics of a repeating golf swing.”

Aaron Curry

“I had gone as far as I could on my own. Des has helped me achieve more power and consistency in my golf game.”

Wil Cantrel

“Des has helped my whole family enjoy themselves more on the golf course.”

Terry Bingham

“Went to see Des after a fifteen year hiatus and asked for his help starting at the beginning. My first round after dusting off my clubs was 110. I am now shooting in the consistent mid 80s and headed to break 80 this summer. Des also fitted me for a new set of Ping clubs. Des is a five star PGA Instructor in my book and I recommend Des to any golfer who needs help and support with his or her golfing needs. Des also has a real knack with working with youth players.”

Lance Dunaway, Oak Ridge,Tennessee