Never broke 100? or 90? Play Tournament Golf ?
Are you looking for a golf transformation or just a lesson?

  • 10 lessons to drop 10 shots in 10 weeks!
  • 5 On-course playing lesson
  • 5 90-minute purposeful practice sessions
  • Individualized coaching in small groups
  • We play, assess, design, train and improve.
  • Learn the game where it matters most, on the course. Develop a scoring mindset, on-course strategy, purposeful practice sessions on putting, short game and full swing.

Understand how you shoot the scores you shoot, develop practice strategies (drills, games and exercises) that guarentee

Here’s what you get

  • Unique Scoring Scorecards
  • Purposeful Practice forms to organize your practice time
  • Distance Chart (on average golfers drop three strokes knowing how far they hit each club in their bag)
  • Community of like minded goflers

Agree with your coach on your goals and time commitment (10 sessions ideally completed in 12 weeks) and we’ll coach you until you reach your goal.

Tuition Options

  • $695 for 10 week program
  • $480 for 6 week program